Electronics Engineering

From initial concept to series production readiness.

The question is simple and yet essential: what function is your product intended to perform? From this perspective, we look for potential technical solutions – and not the other way around. Together with you, we come up with a detailed concept for your upcoming product.

We realise complete electronic assemblies and devices for you, design hardware and software solutions in industrial electronics and manage your project until the system is ready for series production. You also benefit from our network of specialists and close collaboration with universities in the region. This gives us not only fast and direct access to in-depth knowledge but also allows us to use the highly specialised laboratory infrastructure.


Together with you, we analyse the current situation and specify the project goals. We define the project organisation and produce initial estimates of the resources needed and costs involved.

Main focus

  • Technology consulting
  • Pre-calculation, resource estimates
  • Supplier evaluation

Design and Layout

A well-thought-out design is the basis for a good product. With our knowledge and the expertise of our partner Variosystems, we take your product idea through from the first draft to the final industrialised product.

Simulations support the development process and can massively reduce the development time. In this way, we ensure that all components work properly and fit together right from the beginning.

Main focus

  • Schematic design (analogue and digital)
  • Calculation and dimensioning, simulation, reliability calculation
  • Printed circuit board design

Embedded systems SW/Firmware

At the heart of any electronic system is usually a high-performance processor with comprehensive software. Consequently, software engineering is a central part of electronics development. With our experience in software and electronics, we ensure that all components in your system work properly together

Main focus

  • Firmware for different controllers (without OS, with RTOS, Linux Embedded)
  • Interfaces and communication technologies
  • Web applications for embedded systems
  • Software for mobile and embedded systems
  • FPGA based solutions (with Linux Embedded)

Testing, standards and certificates

Hardly anyone enjoys this side of the business, and yet standards and regulations are an essential part of product development. We will be pleased to advise you in the development of a product that is compliant with the regulations and to arrange for the necessary certifications with our partners.

Main focus

  • Certifications and approvals (CE / UL)
  • EMC testing
  • Environmental simulations (IP, vibration, climate)
  • Calibrations, certification (temperature, humidity, acceleration)


A lot of work goes into calculation and/or visualisation, but at some point you will also need to look at it and get the feel of it. We work with a strong network of suppliers, with whom we can produce prototypes quickly and cost-effectively.

Main focus

  • Production of individual pieces or small series
  • Commissioning
  • Tests, pre-testing

Product launch and industrialisation

Naturally, your product must also be easy and cost-effective to manufacture. We work closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure that, during the product development phase, subsequent production will run cost-effectively and efficiently.

Main focus

  • Packaging
  • Optimisation of production
  • Drawing up manufacturing documents
  • Support at the production stage

Test engineering

Equally essential in product development are well thought-out testing concepts. Precise error messages, automated testing and logging of device parameters are valuable not only during development but also in series production and will save costs in the long term.

Our partner, Variosystems, provides the right test system for every test requirement. Economically optimised tests can thus be performed for each product, guaranteeing stability and fulfilling your requirements.

Main focus

  • Production of individual pieces or small series
  • Commissioning
  • Tests, pre-testing