Software Engineering

We make software tangible.

Knowledge grows. Since Solve has been in existence, we have successfully implemented a large number of diverse projects in software development.

This is thanks to the experience of our engineers, our structured approach and realistic appraisal of situations. We support you in the creation and redesign of your software, from concept to finished application. We are driven by the same motives as for our own products: good software must be clear, simple, user-friendly and target-oriented to ensure that you enjoy using it.

Analysis and design

The basis of every successful software project is a precise analysis and a reliable design. To work out requirements for a software, we look at complex systems in their entirety, analysing and developing them. We are there for you from the beginning to completion.

Main focus

  • Modelling (UML)
  • Solid proven patterns (Design Patterns)
  • Microsoft frameworks

User Interface Design

For the end user, the user interface is synonymous with the software. A transparent and intuitive but also visually responsive user interface significantly contributes to the success of your product. The design should reflect the brand and company.

Main focus

  • Branding / CI
  • Usability


The expertise of our innovative and highly motivated engineers, combined with the use of state-of-the-art technologies and tools, guarantees that your software project is in good hands with us. High-quality software does have its price, but in the long term, the investment is well worth it and usually already pays off with the first modification or extension.

Main focus

  • Mobile applications
  • Web technologies
  • Client and server applications
  • Databases
  • Communication protocols, bus systems, network technologies
  • Embedded software

Testing / Continuous Integration

We use the most modern test methods and test tools available. These ensure that the correct function is perfectly guaranteed during development, as well as in later use. Your software is well prepared for commercial use.

During the implementation of the integration project, we always focus on the subsequent operation to guarantee the proper interaction of different applications. We only bring your software to market when we know that it will function reliably and correctly.

Main focus

  • Source code management
  • Automated build server
  • Unit testing
  • Load testing
  • Integration testing

Deployment and System Integration

It is often forgotten that software not only has to be developed, but also integrated and maintained. For us, software is always a part of a system, and we attach great importance to ensuring that your software works perfectly for you and/or for the end customer.

Main focus

  • Licensing
  • Setup
  • User documentation, online help
  • Update mechanisms
  • Versioning