Mechanical Engineering

Valuable electronics needs to be protected.

Our team of engineers will provide you with the ideal housing for any application, specifically customised to meet the specifications of your product. In addition, we deliver complete mechanical assemblies and individual devices for you. For more complex mechanics, we access our highly reputable network of partnerships and apply the finishing touches to your product.


Based on your specifications, requirements and wishes, we define the functions and their necessary operating principles. Using the ‘morphological box’ design methodology, we establish a solid and clear basis for different solution variants, evaluating, comparing and ranking them. In a presentation of the results, we discuss the developed concepts with you and set the first milestone for your project.

Main focus

  • Formulation of functions, operating principles and functional structures
  • Creation of a morphological box
  • Comparing and evaluating solution options
  • Creation of the flowchart

Draft design

We work out the first drafts for the approved concept together with their effective structures and outlines of the functions, perform error control and investigate the impact of disturbance variables. In addition to the technical issues, we consider the environmental aspects and include them in our analysis. In this way, we bring man, nature and technology into harmony and create the first draft design for your idea.

Main focus

  • Design of the effective structures
  • Design of the outlines
  • Function and error control
  • Evaluation of disturbance variables

Standards audit

Auditing standards, regulations and certificates may indeed be a challenging task. Nevertheless, it is an absolutely essential one. We will be pleased to advise you on the way to making your product compliant with the regulations. If you wish, we can also take responsibility for obtaining the required certifications and approvals for the product.

Main focus

  • Standards audit
  • Certifications and approvals

CAD & Prototype

From this point on, there is only one “small” step to the first tangible product. Using a professional CAD tool, we convert your vision into a three-dimensional design and then use additive manufacturing processes to allow you to experience the prototype up close.

Main focus

  • Design, taking product retrofitting, longevity and repair into account
  • Simulation (statics, motion, fatigue)
  • Materials selection, taking recyclability and sustainability into consideration
  • Drawing design (assembly instructions)
  • Manufacture of functional prototypes

Product launch & Industrialisation

Starting with the CAD development stage, we work closely with our suppliers to ensure cost-effective and smooth production.

Main focus

  • Packaging and transport
  • Product and production optimisation
  • Support during product launch and during production